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5 Steps to Follow to Have the Perfect Lawn

It might seem simple but taking care of the lawn could be more problematic than you think if you don’t know which are the steps that must be followed. Since keeping a perfect lawn is only up to you, we thought we would give you a hand so we selected the most important 5 steps in lawn maintenance that will guarantee a perfect lawn.

Plant in the spring

The best time of the year to plant your lawn is the spring when the soil is ready to receive new seeds. For the best results, use a tiller that will prepare the soil and will allow you to plant the seeds deep into the soil so water and the wind won’t blow them away. Once you have planted the lawn, aerate the soil so the seeds will spread evenly and oxygen and nutrients will reach onto he roots. Aerating is good even after the lawn has grown because it allows it to absorb more nutrients and sunlight.

Wet properly

The amount of water you lawn receives in vital for a great looking lawn, so pay extra attention to this aspect. As bad as under-watering is, over-watering is as harmful to the grass because it drowns the seed and the roots will rotten. Don’t exaggerate with the water you give your lawn thinking that you are doing the right thing because grass can handle a dry soil better than it can handle a moist soil. Sprinklers are great for lawn use because they water in rounds so the soil will have plenty of time to absorb water.

Don’t over fertilize

Although you might be tempted to add as much fertilizer as possible in order to make the lawn grow like magic, you must keep the fertilizing to a minimum so you will prevent damage on the grass. You must apply fertilizer only 4 times per year in the spring, in summer, in early fall, and after the first freeze. It’s very important to use quality products specifically designed for lawn use so you will only benefit from their use.

Ensure lawn maintenance

Any problem you detect with the lawn must be solved immediately because as time passes by, the situation becomes more serious and the lawn can suffer damage. If you notice weeds or bare spots in the lawn, take action in the matter as soon as possible so your lawn will remain in a perfect condition.

Use a good lawn mower

An essential step in keeping a perfect lawn is the way you cut it because this will ensure that the grass doesn’t whither and the lawn looks great. The lawn mower can take the best care of your lawn and can keep it looking neat and even so this device is a must-have in any yard with a lawn. In order to find the ideal mower for your needs, read several reviews and ratings and compare your top choices. For a thorough lawn mower research, we recommend the bestlawnmowers.reviews site which has all the information you need for finding a quality mower. The powerful and sharp blades of the lawn mower manage to cut the grass without braking it and help it regenerate and maintain a beautiful aspect. Lower the cutting deck of the lawn mower to the proper height for your type of lawn and achieve a nice and even trim every time for a perfect lawn.