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Advantages and Drawbacks of Different Home Water Filters

If you want to take care of your health, then you must hydrate yourself properly with healthy and fresh water. The tap water in your home can be purified with a water filter. There are two types, under the sink devices and whole house water filters. For further information, take a look at the following advantages and drawbacks of different home water filters.

Whole house water filters

First of all, you must understand that most of the water filters that can be purchased nowadays are very efficient, and they filtrate the water and remove most of the contaminants. If you want to have a purified water in the entire home, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom as well, then you must choose a whole house unit rather than an under the sink device. A unit like this is actually installed at the point where the water actually enters your home, so that you can be provided, as mentioned above, with purified water in the entire house. Contaminants such as lead, mercury, chlorine, bacteria, viruses, arsenic, and so on, will be removed, and therefore, the provided water will be a very healthy one. The only disadvantage is that a filtration system like this is not affordable at all. It actually costs lots of money, and due to this reason, lots of people can’t have one. Other than this, you will benefit from lots of advantages.

Under the sink water filters

The same as the whole house device, an under the sink unit can help you get rid of the harmful contaminants that are generally found in tap water. Another advantage is that a device like this doesn’t require a professional installation. You can actually do it yourself, with ease and very quick. Furthermore, the prices of such devices are not high at all, which means that most of us can afford an under the sink water filter. These products are affordable, very efficient, and very easy to install as well. The only drawback is that you will have clean water only in the place where you decide to mount the device. For example, if you decide to mount it in the kitchen, then you will have purified water only there. However, you can choose two units and install one in the bathroom as well, but in case you have more than one bathroom, then a whole house unit would be more appropriate. By knowing the advantages and drawbacks of different home water filters, you will find easier to choose the right product for you and your family.