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Best Appliances for Tiny Kitchens

Have you just moved into a very small apartment, and you need to equip the kitchen with the right appliances, but you have no idea what models to get in order to fit into the small space? If so, then you must not worry at all, because we will tell you exactly which is the best microwave oven, best dishwasher and best refrigerator for a small kitchen.

SPT countertop dishwasher

If you are planning to get a dishwasher in your tiny kitchen, then this model is without a doubt one of the best choices you can make. The unit features a stainless steel interior and a spray arm, which is actually considered a quite durable material, 6 standard place-setting capacity, which is more than enough for a family with two members, and some user-friendly controls so that you can easily control the appliance. SPT countertop dishwasher has 6 wonderful wash cycles, and an automatic detergent&rinse agent dispenser. The device is very easy to install due to the fact that it comes with a faucet adapter. All in all, SPT countertop dishwasher will definitely find its place in your tiny kitchen.

Sunpentown RF-244SS compact refrigerator

In case your kitchen is small, then you definitely need to look for a small refrigerator as well, which will maintain your food fresh at all times, and it will also be a great space saver. Sunpentown RF-244SS compact refrigerator would be a wonderful choice, due to the fact that it will provide you luxury in terms of refrigeration, in a compact design. Due to its flush rear design, the refrigerator can easily fit in tight spaces. Another great thing about this appliance is the attractive design. Sunpentown RF-244SS compact refrigerator comes with a customizable wired shelving which allows you to place with ease all kinds of food. The unit is perfect for small kitchens, and it is highly recommended by lots of consumers.

RCA RMW1414 microwave oven

Every kitchen needs a microwave oven, and RCA RMW1414 is the best microwave oven for people with small kitchen. This oven cooks evenly and consistently as well, despite its compact design. Furthermore, it will do this in a short amount of time, which is even better. This model is highly recommended by lots of users due to the fact that it cooks better and faster than any other appliances in this category.