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Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

The Contemporary style is considered an urban style that stands out for its simplicity and functionality. Sometimes the contemporary style gives the impression that it has copied something from every style. That’s why it was created as a modern style, but with influences from all styles This style is defined by clean lines that create a relaxing atmosphere, open spaces, neutral colors and materials inspired by nature.

The colors

Contemporary interiors feature color palettes relying on cream, brown, black and pure white. Monochromatic tones allow the lines to take center stage. You can use decorative elements such as paintings or floor rugs in order to add a few splashes of color. You can even paint a single wall in a bold color. The strong accents are used often in contemporary rooms. You should try a cream shade with a touch of pink, beige with a hint of gold or gray with some green.

The furniture

Birch and maple are the preferred types of wood for contemporary furniture, which is often enriched with elements of stainless steel, clear or frosted glass and maybe even nickel. Contemporary furnishings have striking profiles, fine shapes, and clean lines, and surfaces are simple, without carvings or ornaments. It’s recommended to focus on pieces that have geometric shapes. Natural materials, such as silk, wool, leather, velvet or cotton are used in contemporary interior design. You can opt for sofas, for cushions with geometric and floral motifs or for brightly colored rugs and pillows.

The lighting

In order to take your design skills to the next level, you can make a bold decor statement by playing with the lighting elements. The floor and the table lamps have sleek metallic finishes and straight lines. You should also opt for chandeliers or pendant lighting which can visually pull down a high.

The accessories

The metal is widely used in contemporary style. The accessories, the picture frames, the sculptures, the art installations, are generally made of metallic materials. Nickel and Chromium are among the most used metals in interior design.

It’s recommended to keep accessories simple and well-chosen . Use stone decorations or dried flowers, placed in bowls, or simple pieces such as white porcelain vases, and arrange them in a manner that enhances the space rather than compress it.

Usually, in contemporary interior design, the windows are abundant and they are often left undressed to let the natural light flood in.