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Cottage Garden Design Ideas

A cottage garden is a personal place that invites you to see the abundance of plants, decorative objects and relaxing spots. It has an informal design and is very generous in vegetation. It’s a little piece of heaven on earth, but in order to create it, you have to come up with a well-thought plan.

At the beginning, all you need is to focus on what kind of plants you would like in the garden, because there are a multitude of beautiful plants. The usual ones are the herbs, flowers and trees with various shapes. You can arrange them randomly which is typical for an old-fashioned cottage or grouped by height, type or color if you want the work to be easier. It all depends on how you like it.

Another good idea is to you put the plants as close as possible so they give you the impression of a natural garden. Also, the plants can easily be used as ornaments if you choose pots varying in shape or color. You mustn’t forget about the pathways, if you want to walk through the garden and admire the plants.

In order to improve the view, it is absolutely necessary that you come with some interesting ideas such as boxwoods, birdhouses or even some attractive gates or fountains. If you want the garden to be more personalized, now you have the chance to create some things by yourself, so you can transform your garden into an art project. It will also give you the possibility to spend your free time doing something that you like and so become more creative.

Another important element in your cottage garden is a table with some chairs, or, if you want, some benches put along the pathways, or anywhere you like. Just make sure that you have the chance to enjoy your work whenever you feel like, alone or with your fiends. It’s one of the best ways to relax and to reconnect with the nature.

If you want a more formal look to be added to your garden, it can easily be done with some sculptural elements. They can rise the visual interest and they can be contemporary, abstract, personal or traditional. No matter what you choose, be sure that you place them in the right place so they can be admired.

Whatever design you choose for your garden it is important to be done as you like it, because there are no specific rules to obey when it comes to decorations and arrangements, especially if it’s made just for you and your family.