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Creative Patio Halloween Decorations

Halloween is supposed to be a scary celebration and therefore when thinking about patio Halloween decorations, we all think about spooky and creepy ornaments. Although there are a great number of innovative Halloween decorations, there are some essential ones, without which the look may be incomplete, such as pumpkins or candles. The scary thrill of walking into a patio with horrifying decorations is a must when the Halloween is approaching. Here you will find some very creative patio Halloween decorations that will definitely scare your family and friends.

Tin can luminaries

These luminaries are a great way to bring the Halloween spirit on your patio. All you have to do is to get some cans and make holes with a hammer and an awl and let your imagination work. After that, all you have to do is to put some candles inside the cans and place them on the ground or simply make an extra hole and hang them. You will get a unique look for your patio.

Black cats lantern

They are a great alternative in case you got tired of the common pumpkins. You can easily create them by yourself from pumpkins and then paint them with a black spray. You will see how they will change the entire Halloween design.

Hanging bat chandelier

Create your own bat chandelier that will scare away your friends. With just a few supplies such as black card stock, quilting thread, and embroidery hoops, you will manage to make this decoration very easily. Don’t forget about drawing some bats in different sizes.

Paper skeleton

Skeletons are one element that you cannot ignore when setting a Halloween decoration. Besides pumpkins, they are a crucial element of this holiday. The paper skeleton can be easily made from cutting the paper after you have traced all the pieces of the skeleton: head, shoulders, ribs, hips, hands, feet and bones. After that, draw its face whatever you like and then punch holes and join the pieces with small lengths of jute. It will look amazing.


You can easily transform your patio into a graveyard with tombstones. They can be made with the help of some foam board and a little paint. To add extra effect, you can personalize them for your family or with funny inscriptions.