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How to Design an English Style Garden

One of the many things that England has to offer and that makes people fall in love with this beautiful country is the unique garden style. The beautiful sceneries that you get to witness while you’re exploring this country will make you feel like you’re in paradise. If you want to recreate that style and have your own English garden, you have to read the following lines to learn how to design it.

Use hedges and walls to develop garden rooms

The English style garden has a certain mystery to it. To recreate that mysterious vibe of the English style garden, you have to encapsulate different areas of the landscape. This way you create an experience of discovery as you move through the garden. For this to happen, you have to use your hedges or the walls of your house as support and as paths that lead you through the garden.

Create a sense of unity between your home and your garden

One of the biggest traits of an English style garden is the fact that it creates a sense of unity between your home and your garden. To create this bond, you have to emulate the materials of your own home when you create the outdoor features. This means that the same materials that you have used in the construction of your home should be used for the garden walls, reflecting fountains, columns, and all the other outdoor features.

Select plants that change throughout the year

An English style garden has to express the mood of the season. For this to happen, you have to select plants that change throughout the year, and that gravitate towards the expression of the season. For the arrival of spring, you can plant bulb displays like tulips, for summer you can choose blooming flowers, for fall you can go with foliage, and for winter, you can go with berries to bring a sense of connection and excitement to the outdoors. These choices go hand in hand with the typical atmosphere of the season, making it possible for you to enjoy the English style garden all year round.

Embrace high contrast combos

The English style garden lacks structure. To make the chaotic design more friendly and appealing, you have to embrace high contrast combos. Therefore, don’t be afraid to make bold choices when it comes to the colors of neighboring flowers for the garden. Next to flowers like the citrus-hued daylilies, you should plant alliums in assertive but seemingly contradictory shades of purple. The splash of color will bring life to the garden and it will take away from the obvious fact that it lacks structure.