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How to Have Clean and Fresh Air at Home

Fresh air at home means a stronger health and fewer allergies, given that most breathing problems are triggered by impurities in the air. This is why it’s so important to find the most effective ways to reduce the amounts of air pollutants at home and the tips we reveal below will help you have clean and fresh air at home.

Ensure proper air circulation

A good way of achieving a high indoor air quality is to let fresh air from outside come and refresh the indoor ambiance. For this, you should open the windows widely in the morning so fresh and clean air can come inside and replace the dull air that is created overnight. Avoid opening the doors at noon because the outside pollution is at higher levels at that time of the day and you will only manage to bring outside impurities indoors.

Keep your pets clean

It’s known that pets are dangerous for your health because they represent an allergen and bring many impurities indoors but if you are a pet lover, it would be hard for you not to have a cute pet at home. Luckily, you can prevent them from becoming a health threat if you keep them very clean and brush the shedding hair. Pet’s don’t only eliminate shedding hair but also pet dander, which are dead skin cells and flecks that fall off pets and reach into the air. To avoid getting into contact with dander, limit the pets’ access indoors or on the carpets and upholstered furniture.

Use an air purifier

For the best air purifying results, use an air purifier in every room of the house or in those where the air is often hard to breathe. The air purifier manages to capture air impurities of all types from dust to pollen to pet dander and unpleasant odors. Mot air purifiers boast an HEPA filter that can retain particles as small as 0.03 microns so not even the smallest air impurities can escape the efficiency of the air purifier.

Pay extra care when cleaning the house

How you clean the house influences how clean the air is because most of the dirt and impurities go into the air. If you are using a vacuum cleaner on the floors, make sure it’s one with double bags or an HEPA filter that will keep all the dust inside and use a wet mop at the end so there will be no more dust and dirt remaining on the floors. Avoid using chemical cleaning products because these release harmful odors into the air. Make sure you clean even the most hidden and narrow spots because this is where dust and dirt usually remain.