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How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Healthy

Having a home swimming pool is not only fun and joy but also a lot of responsibility in keeping it clean and safe for swimming. There are many debris and bacteria that gather in your home pool and getting rid of them requires having some useful items within reach. To help you with your pool maintenance, we have gathered some useful tips that will make sure the pool water is always clean and healthy.

The robotic pool cleaner

The easiest way to remove dirt and debris from the pool water is to use a robotic pool cleaner. This device scrubs any film created on the pool’s surface and removes impurities that temper with the cleanliness of the water. Similar to skimming only more comfortable for you, the robotic pool cleaner does a great job in keeping the pool water clean.

Pool shocking

This method refers to a chlorine-based substance added to the pool water in order to remove dirt, algae, and bacteria. You can easily get rid of pool impurities by adding a chlorine solution that destroys microorganisms in the pool water. You can either use chlorine tabs that dissolve slowly, liquid chlorine similar to household bleach or chlorinating tabs and granules.


This substance is specifically designed to remove algae of all kinds from your pool so you won’t have to swim among disgusting pieces of algae. It should be used weekly in order to rid the pool from algae and to prevent it from appearing shortly after treating the water.

pH testing

The pool water must be of a certain acidity and pH in order to be safe for swimming. The improper levels will make it look cloudy and will encourage the appearance of bacteria and dirt so testing the pH of your pool water is an essential maintenance step. The testing can be performed using special kits that you can purchase from pool maintenance stores.


The pool filter has an important part in keeping the pool clean so you can make the best of it by performing a backwash. This process involves the water going through the filter in the opposite direction to clean the filter from the remaining impurities so it will work better in cleaning the pool water.