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Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor Ideas

The shabby chic is one of the most popular trends in interior design. This is an electric elegant style which mixes antique furniture with pastel colors, feminine floral patterns and lace textiles. The shabby chic and the French country style are actually very similar. Plenty of people are collecting beautiful vintage, recycled, up-cycled, found and retro objects, creating their own fabulous furniture and decorations.

The furniture

The main characteristic of this style is the aged and salvaged furniture. The furniture is chosen for its resemblance to the old furniture style. It’s inspired by the old French style, using pure whites, such as ecru, and pastel colors. Salvaged furniture is often bleached in order to match this style.The furniture is usually painted in a vintage style, using old flowers accessorized with cotton or linen in earthly tones. Recycling old furniture is the most important aspect of this style, so for the kitchen, you can use a lovely white wardrobe where you can arrange some pink or white floral crockery, an old wooden table paint in white, with its corners generously scratched or covered with a vintage floral tablecloth and some chairs. You can opt for a mix of kitchen chairs, each in a different color or style.

The colors

The shabby chic colors should look like creamy whites, green-whites, gray-whites, pale blues, pink and lilac. It’s recommended to use materials like wood for your interior decorations (clocks, decorative boxes) and furniture, cotton or flax for linen, and metal forhangers, and storage boxes. But all of these must be antique, vintage. The wood paint should be peeling and the metal should have shades of rust.

The vintage decorations

This style is very permissive with using the decorations because you can buy them from a vintage shop or you can do them yourselves. For example, you can use a shabby chic bottle for decorating your kitchen. Decorate your bottles with cotton or lace and you will get some nice decor objects.There is nothing more beautiful and romantic than having some nice candles in your kitchen with handmade holders that you can buy or you can learn how to make yourself.You can even turn your fridge in a shabby french fridge. Instead of having your fridge repaired or replaced, you can just paint it. All you need is some vintage paint, some vinegar and olive oil to fix the scratches and time to spare.