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What should you know before buying a floating speaker?

Levitating speakers are some of the newest gadgets you could purchase at the moment. So, whether you like to test every product that appears on the market, you are curious about their floating technology or you just love music and want to enjoy it absolutely anywhere, then this device is perfect for you. Taking into consideration that people proved to be extremely attracted by a gadget that is both stylish and performing, currently many brands are manufacturing levitating speakers. This is great, because there are plenty of options to choose from, but it can also complicate the decision making process, especially for beginners. If you are one of these, we strongly advise you to read a lot of levitating speakers reviews before deciding to buy something. Some of the most relevant aspects you should consider are design, style, price, battery life and sound quality. Here are some details about each of them, to serve you as guidelines when purchasing:


If you are only buying the speaker from pure curiosity, then you definitely do not want to spend a fortune on it. However, remember that there is a clear connection between price and quality, regardless the product or service you have in mind, and floating speakers are no exception. This means you should not settle for the cheapest item you find and then complain about poor sound or short battery life. In case you are searching for great performance, you are recommended to get one of the best of breed product. This way, you can actually get a genuine experience and enjoy the perks of technology at its finest.

Sound quality

Experts claim that a floating speaker can provide better sound quality as compared to a traditional one. In case you are wondering how this is possible, well, it is actually very logical. While most of the times normal speakers have a cubical shape and must be placed on a flat surface, they cannot deliver sound equally in their surroundings. Levitating devices, however, are round (UFO shaped) or spherical, which means they distribute sound evenly. In addition to this, since they simply hover in the air, no part is blocked. So no matter what product you choose, you will be able to enjoy your favorite music at the highest standards of quality.


Taking into consideration the device is completely wireless, it does not need to be plugged in to an electrical outlet to work. However, it is powered by a battery that has to be recharged from time to time. As far as endurance and battery life span is concerned, you should know that some of the most performing gadgets can work up to twelve hours before you have to recharge them. This means that if you are leaving for a short road trip or camping, you should not be worried about the lack of energy sources. In case you are willing to recharge often, then you may not consider this aspect the main one.