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Winter Yard Maintenance Tips

The snow is absolutely magical, but when it comes to your yard, you must definitely find a way to get rid of it, especially if you live in an area with harsh winters. You shouldn’t worry about this aspect as there are many clever devices available on the market, that can help you remove the snow with little effort. Take a look at the following winter yard maintenance tips, in order to know exactly what you should do.

Fertilizing in the cold season is ideal

It is highly recommended to fertilize cool season grasses, in the early winter. Believe it or not, it is a lot better to do this in December, then in any other month of the year. Just before the first freeze, you should fertilize your lawn. By doing so, you will actually replace most of the nutrients that could be lost from the soil during the hot season. Once it will get colder, the fertilizer will deeply remain in the soil, and it will feed the roots of your lawn during winter. This means that in the spring, your lawn will look absolutely amazing.

Keep your yard clean at all times

Before the snow falls, you must make sure that your yard is clean at all times. Keep in mind to remove your outdoor furniture, your kid’s toys and any other items that you do not use them anymore. Make sure you do this before the first snow fall. If any object is left on the grass, this can actually create large dead spots due to their weight, and this will look absolutely terrible in the spring. In order to avoid this, you must keep the whole area tidy. From once in a while you should do a sweep of the lawn. This is definitely one of the most important winter yard maintenance tips that you should seriously take into account.

Get rid of the snow with a snow blower

We all know that in past our parents use to remove the snow from their yards by using a shovel. There are some people who still do this nowadays, but fortunately, we have the option to use a snow blower, which is without a doubt a very clever and efficient device. It is very hard to remove the snow with a shovel, and it also takes ages to finish the whole job. This actually means that you will stay for a long period of time outdoors, in the cold. Therefore, you can easily get a cold, not to talk about the back and neck pains you might deal with. In order to avoid this, it is highly recommended to use a snow blower. These machines come in different shapes and sizes, in order to meet all your needs. They are very easy to maneuver, and it will take you a lot less time to finish the job than it would take you if using a shovel. Therefore, purchase with confidence a snow blower.